Biological Sciences Department

The department, situated in the Faculty of Basic Medical and Applied Sciences offers a 4 years BSc. degree programme in Microbiology, Biology and Biotechnology.

The department was created in 2019, the same year the University was licensed to commence academic work. In addition, the department is headed by a qualified life scientist with good academic and administrative experience, and supported by qualified academic, administrative and laboratory support staff who participate in the day to day administration of the Department.

The students in these programs are trained to be self-dependent in handling challenges in their various disciplines. Our course curricula are enriched with robust course outlines which are adequately and methodically packaged to prepare the students for the successful practice of the profession anywhere in the world. In addition, the students undergo a compulsory six months Industrial Training program where they will be further exposed to the practical and industrial applications of their course of study.

These include hospitals and health related organizations, research institutions, fisheries and agro allied industries, environmental management and pollution control agencies, agriculture and lots more. This exposure will make them to develop self confidence in their various fields of specialty and this will also make them employable. In addition, their exposure to industries will make some of them to develop initiative of establishing small scale enterprises of their own.

The final year projects are designed to prepare students for the larger society. Thus, the topics cover applications of Biological Sciences in diverse areas such as agriculture, health, food processing and environment.

All the programmes are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

With pleasure, you are welcome to a forward looking Biological Science Department where world changers are made.

  1. To equip students with practical application of biological knowledge; as it emphasizes the relevance of biology-based knowledge, environmental and modern molecular skills to the functioning of the various industries.
  2. To provide for the students an effective sound and robust background for proper moral and ethical upbringing upon which to develop entrepreneurial and problem-solving abilities that would impact positively on the society.
  3. To provide a wholesome, research-based, participatory and contemporary educational experience in the Life Sciences through a modern and vibrant education system.
  4. (d) To produce graduates of Biological Sciences who will be specialists in their chosen fields of study and thereby provide adequate and competent manpower for the nation.
  5. To produce world-class scientists equipped to lead the biological revolution that will transform the nation’s agriculture, medicine, industry and the environment, and thereby eradicate poverty and hunger, combat diseases and ensure environmental sustainability.

The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to the philosophy of the University of raising world leaders who are professionals in their field of study with records of academic excellence coupled with integrity, great sense of responsibility and Christian values. Programs in the department are designed to provide the students with a thorough, broad and balanced foundation in their fields of study in order to prepare them for career opportunities or an environment whereby they could be creative, innovative and self-reliance in the growing and expanding disciplines.

To be at the frontiers of research and innovations, committed to raising world changers in the fields of Biology, Biotechnology and Microbiology

The Department aspires to produce outstanding graduates through quality teaching, learning and research, thus creating effective change agents and value adding members of society.